Our Process

Legal Communications Group draws from our 25 years of experience following our established process, which takes law firms seamlessly through the TV advertising lifecycle.


LCG gets to know you and the areas of practice you want to grow. We research your market, audience demographics, and conduct a competition analysis to fully understand your market dynamics. We’ll discuss the long-term and short-term goals of your firm, and then develop a plan to effectively meet those goals.
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Drawing from our in-depth research and full understanding of your market and audience, we write the script and storyboard for your TV commercial. We cast the roles based upon your firms core values and audience demographics in order to best connect with your viewers.


Following your approval of the script and storyboard, we plan your TV commercial shoot. You can fly into Philadelphia to star in your own commercials, or we can hire professional actors to handle each role. Our productions use the latest and greatest equipment and best practices, along with a highly experienced crew. On set, you’ll work with an acting coach, a make-up and wardrobe specialist and teleprompter to help make your commercial the best it can be.
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Media Buying.

We work media markets everyday, all day and know when a rate quote is right…. and when it isn’t. We buy better, smarter and more strategically.
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Analysis. LCG sees your commercial through implementation and studies the results. Our detailed reporting methodology allows us to identify what works so we can maximize your ROI.
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